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Feed your Curiosity at The Earth Cafe

As I was driving back from the grocery store the other day, my eye was instantly drawn towards an exotic looking house on the side of the road. I later curiously googled the destination which lead me here, on a Thursday evening, enjoying their Southwest salad and a smoothie.

The Earth Cafe is a lunch spot located in Norman, Oklahoma that definitely doesn’t blend in. Their vegan menu is filled with food items like “fakin“, tempeh and a vegan chicken salad sandwich labeled “Fool your mom.” Through their eccentric foods, colors, and quirky fonts, The Earth is certainly more directed towards those with adventurous tastes.

First let’s start with the exterior. The restaurant/market itself is a quaint house-like structure that instantly grabs your attention when driving by (as it did mine). The use of somewhat complementary colors of striking blue, red and orange, the contrast makes the building that much more outstanding. The two types of font on the sign are big enough to be noticed from the street although I think they should of stuck with the same font for “The Earth” and “cafe and deli.” The green leaf symbol not only goes along with the name, but symbolizes their healthy, vegan food.

Another thing I noticed was the sign out front’s use of different fonts and typography. This is not only visually appealing but conveys information about their business. The Gandhi quote offered at the bottom fits the restaurants overall “different” theme. This piece’s form, function and message work together to give you an idea of what to expect if you go inside.

As you go inside you are greeted with an assortment of multicolored beans. The beans are not color-coded, although I think if they were, it could enhance the visual effect. The signs are handwritten with different colors and symbols pertaining to each of the types of beans. This makes for a creative visual experience when doing something as boring as bean shopping.

Overall, the Earth isn’t just a culinary experience, but an eye-catching restaurant that’s sure to stand out. I recommend everyone go on an adventure to The Earth and try a vegan reuben, chat with a local, and admire your eccentric surroundings while you’re there.

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